Nika Radić

2004. Even in a pure video work it is not possible to imagine a totally neutral surrounding. The exhibition Speech in The Zagreb Kraljević gallery was a step after [pause] where four videos were created on similar principles but the environment was carefully planned to bring the viewer towards the monitor in an certain way that created a defined emotional setting.

The space was divided into narrow corridors using thin plastic foil. The foil moved as a person walked down a path creating a soft sound, but still allowing segments from the videos to be clearly heard (laughter, sighs etc.). Although there was not a clear view of any of the monitors from the entrance, an unclear glimmer could be seen through the foil walls. Only one person at a time could pass the narrow path and, at the end, would come face to face with a monitor. The scene was set for a private conversation but the words were missing. Only what is universally understood was left and the spatial setting created the uneasiness of the general mood.

links: [pause], Scream, text Galjer