Nika Radić
Passing By

A series of photographs entitled Passing By were exhibited at MKC in Split in 2011. They showed peoples reflections in windows of trains I was traveling on, because I don’t think I am the only person to observe other people when I am travelling. My hidden voyeuristic view also put the images in context by covering them with other images visible through the windows.

On that occasion, alarge-scale installation was created for the main space. MKC is using a building that was built in Yugoslavia in the late 80s to become a grand cultural centre for the young but was never finished. The gallery today is using a somewhat awkward space of the never used lobby for a never completed theatre. I scattered rows of seats around the space and placed six large video projections showing scenes filmed through windows of airplanes, trains, busses and public transport in several cities. The visitors were thus left in this space in between histories and places and could sit on these chairs and wait to arrive in a perhaps better physical or historical space.

An artists book was published on the occasion of the exhibition with photographs from the series "Passing By" and short stories.

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