Nika Radić

“Biography” is a series of works made in 2009. It was built upon rethinking the meaning of the artist’s biography that is usually written in exhibition catalogues. Apart from the commercial interest of showing off artists’ success, the biography creates the context in which the work can be understood.

These works were made around the idea that communication requires shared experience. Thus, to be able to understand an artwork, the viewer has to share at least some experience with the artist. “Biography” shows the daily life of the artist through the apartments she has lived in.

The installation in the first space of the Waldinger gallery consisted of drawings on the floor showing the plans of her various working spaces, a video projection showing the artist in her room doing her daily work and a two-channel video of the artist and her mother talking about the various apartments the artist has lived in. Framed scans on the walls showed fragments of texts that the artist believes have determined some of her views about art.

The second part was a series of prints showing apartment plans and photographs from the same apartments. The plans were made from memory by the artist and her mother who is an architect and overlapped, showing the differences in memories. The photographs show the space but, to turn the view towards the space and away from the people, all persons were erased from old family photographs that were used.

The whole work can be understood as an offer to share an experience with the artist in order to understand the work. To quote Niklas Luhman “Meaning can only be understood in context and context for each individual consists primarily of what his own memory supplies.”

links: text by Marina Viculin from the catalogue, Other People's Spaces, Party, Door (Getting up)