Nika Radić
Beds - Drawings

2012-13 Some years ago I realized people often tell my how much I travel and it sounds as if there is a mixture of envy and admiration in this statements. I do perhaps travel more than average, but I never found anything glamorous about it. Wherever I happen to be, it seems my daily life has the same routine: I get up, take a shower, have breakfast and go out. I then usually do some work and often meet friends in cafes or go to see exhibitions. The daily life is the same no matter which city it happens to be in, so I started documenting the different beds I slept in. They were sometimes hotel rooms, sometimes friends spare rooms. In order to remove the intimacy of an unmade bad just slept in and at the same time to give it an extra personal interpretation, I used the photographs as starting points to make drawings that were usually in series of two or three thus resembling a film sequence.