Nika Radić

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2017, four video projections, three single channel, one three channel on the KIT building by Seigo Motono

Yurei are Japanese ghosts that don’t have legs. The videos were made as homage to the modernist architect Seigo Motono by reviving memories of the time he built the building. The videos used elements from the film material that was made at the celebrations when the building was inaugurated. Some clips were used as quotations in the videos (as the video shown on the monitor on the porter’s screen) or the elements were re-enacted (like the sports games on the windows of the main façade. The other two used original windows from the time that were preserved on other Motono’s buildings to remind of the original look while opening the space into other imaginary spaces using trompe l’oeil images on the walls.

N Radic Yurei

N Radic Yurei

N Radic Yurei

N radic Yurei