Nika Radić

The limited edition with the soundtrack from the film on vinyl, a signed photograph and a publication is available here

We Travel a Lot edition

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We Travel a Lot

2017, 24 pigment print photographs, sound installation, spatial installation

A selection of photographs from the film We Travel a Lot was printed as works of their own. The sequence in which they are shown creates different narratives so the display can be changed to create different meanings in the way film editing does with moving images.
An installation consisting of a spatial construction and large scale prints brought the visitors physically within the format of the photograph and placed them into the intimate space of the photographed private rooms. At the same time an audio work created another layer of a film-like immersion while leaving the visitor in the white space of the gallery. The sound was reproduced in the edition We Travel a Lot.

Nika Radic We Trave a Lot photos

N Radic We Travel a Lot N Radic We Travel a lotN Radic We travel a Lot

N Radic installation WTaL