Nika Radić


The limited edition with the soundtrack from the film on vinyl, a signed photograph and a publication is available here



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We Travel a Lot ( 私たちは よく 旅をする) - film

2017, 17 min, 4K video

What do we look at when we travel? Why do we take photographs?
Everybody seems to take photographs while traveling. But why? The film is a slideshow of images taken during a residency in Japan. But the tourist snapshots soon turn to inquiries about what it means to be new in a country, how does a foreigner fit in and, eventually, what the barriers that present themselves to migrants. The uneasiness of the situation is accentuated by the artist talking in a language she doesn’t speak. It sounds a little bit odd to native speakers and is just a sound to people who don’t speak Japanese.
Still images are often seen as different to moving images, but once they are put in a sequence, they behave in the same narrative way as any film. The film “We Travel a Lot” is a part of a project that used different media and is its most complex version.

The film has been shot during a Goethe Institute residency at the Villa Kamogawa in Kyoto.

If you want to see the whole video, please get in touch.

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