Nika Radić

The documentation was made into a film and a book. If you want to see the film or get a copy of the book, please drop a line.

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The Message

2013-2016, a participative installation, a film and a book

The Message was a collaborative work that has been made for over a year moving back and forth between Berlin and Croatia. The starting point was a simple, large scale, spatial installation similar to the abstract works I have been doing after leaving the academy in the 90s. Once the initial installation was built, the first visitor was invited to look at the piece and give her interpretation of the work. I then changed the installation to make it, in my opinion, appear more like the interpretation I have just heard. The process was repeated some thirty times with different people invited. The visitors were of different age, professions and backgrounds, but were all professionals from the contemporary art scene: Annie Davey, Branka Benčić, Olivia Reynolds, Sandra Križić Roban, Ursula Lücke, Kathy Rae Huffman, Martina Mezak, Susanne Gerber, Eckhart Gillen, Goran Tomčić, Judit Boenisch, Yuri Leiderman, Pierre André Podbielski, Christian Falsnaes, Maja Škerbot, Lovro Artuković, Stephan Gripp, Henrik Sundstrom, Kate Martin Brehme, Nina Kurtela, Vanini Belarmino, Nick Crowe, Miško Šuvaković, Katalin Timar and Marjetica Potrč.
The appearance of the work in this case was an almost accidental result of many conversations that were the real work. The installation changed from an abstract construction to a complicated assemblage of objects and was, in its final appearance, a work dealing with private and public life and the performative aspects of daily life and visual arts. When the last couple of visitors agreed on what the work was about, the process came to its natural ending and no more visitors were invited. During the conversations it became clear that every visitor was influenced by his or her background and current interests and that their interpretations were as much dependent on what they brought with them as what they had in front of them. The final appearance of the installation thus became a sort of a section of the current most discussed topics in contemporary art.

N Radic The Message

N Radic The Message

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