Nika Radić

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The End

2012, HD video, 3:30

A red screen is being shown as people are leaving the cinema. One can see their shadows and between them the following text can be read:
The End is decided by the viewer not the author... unless unless the author has very obedient spectators... and that is rarely the case... it is improbable because the viewer might not be interested or might have other things to do... Are you still there? Looking at the projection? The improbabilityof communication is by far greater than the probability of its success... And we still keep on trying... Do you wonder why? Is it worth it? The End or The beginning? Or the end might really be the beginning but if you leave it is the end of your perception... The odds of you the audience actually reading the text is very scarce... If it were engaged politically or ideologically the chances are you would agree anyway... We are all like-minded in the arts it seems so why bother repeating truisms... If you disagree you will probably leave and do something else anyway... One has better things to do... How long is your interest span? A text here will not change anything in the real world outside of the projection space and you will probably not dedicate more than a minute of your time to it so it doesn’t really matter what the text says anyway... If you could read a joke would it keep you interested longer? But the text is not funny and this s not entertainment... hopefully or maybe unfortunately Maybe something shocking would keep you watching longer. but it is not shocking either so maybe we should just leave it and do something else... leave it... leave it... Leave It... Leave.

N Radic The End