Nika Radić

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Reykjavik Diary

2004, marker on 130 pages of A4 paper

This work happened accidentally. During a residency at the Living Art Museum in 2004, a diary served as a reminder of unusual things in a new country. The idea was to make a series of notes in order to avoid telling the same stories over and over again once I get back home and my friends ask me what Iceland is like. As the work was developing, Icelanders took interest to see what an outsider noticed about their everyday surroundings. It seems an outsider can sometimes spot things that locals never thought about, but it is also a work about not belonging and about observing from the outside. It developed into a work that was, at the end of the stay exhibited at the LAM.

The whole diary was reproduced in a special edition of the magazine Radionica in 2005. If you want to obtain a copy, please get in touch.

Nika Radic Reykjavik Diary

N Radic Reykjavik Diary