Nika Radić

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The Real Map of Split

2013, A3 offset print, unlimited edition

The Real map of Split is a map of the city which names places in the town as the inhabitants really call them. Split is an extreme example of a place where people don't use, and often don't even know, the official names of streets and squares. They rather use names that are sometimes centuries or even millennium old and that more often describe certain buildings or areas, not roads. They will often say that something is across the street from a former official building or next to a shop that was there before world war two. The map was made with friendly support of many friends and friendly people from Split as a tongue in cheek help for visitors as they are finding their way around the city. At the same time it is a comment on social changes and the local community's resistance and joking comments on most of them.

N Radic Real Map of Split