Nika Radić

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Text Hypnotic Art and a link to the lecture about hypnotism can be found under editions

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I Will Count Fron Ten to One

Exhibition at the Studio Račić Gallery of the National Museum of Modern Art, Zagreb, 2022, Object made of wood and tape, photocollages, videos, print on canvas

The hypnotic performances used in Everything Was Green were the starting point of this project as well. The experience of hypnosis was made visible in the object and collages. Also the video featured on the homepage was shown. It is a newly shot single channel version of the two channel video My Voice Will Go With You made for the Kunstverein am Rosa-Luxembburg-Platz in Berlin in 2020.

Nika Radic My Voice

Nika Radic My Voice

Nika Radic trompe l oeil

Nika Radic Losa Luxemburg Platz