Nika Radić

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Hypnos - performance

lecture performance, hypnosis, 2018, Inkonst Theatre, Malmö, AŽ Gallery, Zagreb

A lecture performance that told the history of hypnotism, about Milton Erickson and the parallels between
hypnosis and the way we look at art was held on several occasions. The lecture was followed by actual hypnotic
sessions in which participants were hypnotised to see an exhibition or a film they always wanted to see. The topic depended on the context in which the performance was taking place. This is in the AŽ gallery in Zagreb where the volunteers were hypnotised to see an exhibition. After each session, the participants described the exhibitions they saw and the audio of them describing was recorded. The exhibition space was left empty for the duration of the exhibition with only the audio recordings. The visitors could afterwards see the empty gallery and also imagine all those exhibitions.

Nika Radic Hypnos Nika Radic hypnosis

Nika Radic Hypnotism Nika Radic performance

Nika Radic lecture performance Nika Radic Hipnoza

Photographs © Boris Cvjetanović

A version of the introduction talk can be seen here. This is the recording of the lecture at the International Congress of Aesthetics in Belgrade in 2019