Nika Radić

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2013, five HD videos, 3-6 min

Gossip was a project made in the Austrian town Eferding for the Festival of Regions 2013. During the first phase, local gossip was collected in bars and cafes of the town and then five stories were chosen which were the basis of the final work. In collaboration with the performance group "Eferdinger Gaukler" five videos were made that showed some visually recognizable stories. They were then exhibited in local shop windows. Since the inhabitants of Eferding knew what the project was about, they were left to guess who the gossip was about, whether it was true and whether the artist made it up, but even the visitors from other places were confronted with always the same old hidden stories: secret female alcoholism, dirty old men, hidden gay love, bribery, flirting and low hygiene. Any visitor could recognize the clichés that repeat themselves wherever one goes.

N Radic Gosspi

N Radic Gossip