Nika Radić

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sculpture, digital print on composite boards, light, sound, 2021, 140c245x180cm

The sculpture uses trompe-l-oeil images of its surroundings to close off a space that the visitors can't enter. There is light coming from within and voices can be heard. However, just like in social bubbles, if you are outside you can't really understand what the people are talking about. Sometimes there is a fragment of a sentence that almost seems to make sense but then it is lost in other fragments. The voice recordings are all from the recent filming of my upcoming film in which I hypnotised people to see a happy future. They described their experience during trance and this is what can be heard in the audio.

If you want to hear the sound, please get in touch.

Nika Radic Bubble

Nika Radic Bubble Nika Radic Bubble