Nika Radić

Upcoming: "Future" Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb April 4th till December 31st 2023

Intervention at the exhibition about daily life at the Ethnographic Museum Zagreb, opening beginning of May 2023

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Nika Radić

was born in Zagreb, and has, apart from her hometown, lived in London, Toronto, Milan, Vienna and Berlin. She holds a degree in sculpture from the Aacademy of Fine Arts in Zagreb and in art history from the University of Vienna. She also writes on the subjects that interest her in her art and her texts were published internationally.


2022   -“Everything Was Green”, CLB, Berlin  
          -"I Will Count From Ten to One", Račić Gallery, National Museum of Modern Art, Zagreb
          -"Tomorrow",Gallery Flora, Dubrovnik
2021    -“There Is No Magic. There Is Always a Story”, with vadim Fishkin, Nova Gallery, Zagreb
2020    -“My Voice Will Go With You”, Kunstverein am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Berlin
2019    -“There Is Always a Story”, Kranjčar Gallery, Zagreb
           -"Future", with Nick Crowe and Ian Rawlinson, tête, Berlin
2018    -“Hypnos”, AŽ Gallery, Zagreb
2017    -We Travel a Lot, MKC, Split
           -Yurei – Reinterpreting Seigo Motono, KIT, Kyoto
2016    -“My Daily Room”, Berlin Weekly, Berlin
2015    -"At Home", Museum of Arts and Crafts,Zagreb
           -"Getting Up", Rigo gallery, Novigrad
           -"Private View", Sonntag, Berlin
2014    -"Prijevod", with N. Crowe and I. Rawlinson, Gallery SC, Zagreb
2013     "Poruka" (Message), MMC Luka, Pula
            Nika Radić - Annie Davey, LoBe, Berlin
2012    “Vernissage”, Rigo Gallery, Novigrad
2011    “Passing By”, MKC, Split
           “We Need to Talk”, Glyptothek, Zagreb
2010    “Out of Place”, Galerie Traversée, München
2009    an overview of the last ten years, Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, Novi Sad
           “Biography”, Waldinger Gallery, Osijek
2008    "Deezeebee", O’ Artoteca, Milano
2007    3 Windows, Zilik, Karlovac
           "Il gesto", Studio Vanna Casati, Bergamo
2006    Moria Gallery, Starigrad
           “Door”, Gallery Lotrščak, Zagreb
2005    “Getting Up”, Sederholm House, Helsinki City Museum
           “Scream”, Studio Tommaseo, Trieste Contemporanea, Triest
2004    "Journal", Living Art Museum, Reykjavik
           "Ohne Worte", Grita Insam gallery, Vienna
           "Govor" (“Speech”), "Miroslav Kraljević" gallery, Zagreb
           "Čahura" (“Cocoon”), Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb
2002    "Conversation in Nagarrindjeri", Studio "J. Račić", Zagreb
2001    Studio Vanna Casati, Bergamo
           Beck Gallery, Zagreb
2000    “Umbau”, Grita Insam Gallery, Vienna
           "Klovićevi Dvori", Zagreb
           "Sehenswürdigkeiten", Kunsthaus Essen, Essen
1999    "Galženica" gallery, Velika Gorica, Zagreb
           "Otvoreni Atelier", Zagreb
1998    Gasviertel, Kiez e.V., Dessau
           Galerie du Tableau, Marseille
1997    VBKÖ, Vienna
1996    Gradska Gallery, Zagreb
           Ethnographic Museum, Split
           Gallery CKO, Zagreb
1995    Collegio Cairoli, Pavia
           SC Gallery, Zagreb
1993    Forum Gallery Studio, Zagreb
1992    VN Gallery, Zagreb



2022    - „Extended Present“, Ludwig Museum, Budapest
           - „Blind Vision“, Treptow Ateliers, Berlin
          - "Verbindungsstücke – Tsunagu Mono Gatari", CLB, Berlin
2021    - "Verbindungsstücke – Tsunagu Mono Gatari", Villa Kamogawa,Goethe-Institut, Kyoto
           - "Beyond Art Groups", Gallery P74, Ljubljana
2020   - “BERLIN_LOKAL_ZEIT”, CLB, Berlin
         - “Flagge zeigen”, Infected Landscapes, Bad Saarow
         - “Zagreb – grad žena”, Umjetnički Paviljon, Zagreb
2019    - "Alles auf einmal und der Mond", Adamski Gallery, Berlin
           - "Refreshing Memory - When Monuments Revive", SKD Prosvjeta, Zagreb
           - "Sky and Heaven", with Ensemble Garage, Kunstfestspiele Herrenhausen, Hannover
           - "If Birds in a Truck Fly, Does the Truck Get Lighter?“, Filodrammatica, Rijeka
2018    - "Plug In/Plug Out", with Ensemble Garage, Ruhrtriennale, Essen
           - "Human Life Centre", Inkonst, Tlön, Malmö
2016    - „Sea Change“, MKC Split
           - „Transmissions Festival“, Karlsruhe
2015    - "Cumuli - Trading Places", L40 - Verein zur Förderung von Kunst und Kultur am Rosa-Luxemburg- Platz e.V., Berlin
           - "Hitchhiker's guide to the gallaxy", Schaufenster, Berlin
2014    - Something with Performance, KuLe, Berlin
2013    - 38. Splitski Salon, Split
           - Performance "The Case of Neda Kovačević" as part of the conference "Modernity, Socialism and the Visual Arts", Akademie der Künste, Berlin
           - Festival der Regionen, Eferding, Austria
           - Lichter Filmfestival, Frankfurt a.M. (Three Windows)
           - 27. International Film Festival Braunschweig (There was no Wind)
           - LA Berlin, & Model, Leeds
           - Teufelsberg, Berlin (curated by Jill Ariela)
2012    - Asymetric Europe, Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, Novi Sad
           - Zagreb Dox, Documentary Film Festival, Zagreb
           - Paraphrasing Babel, video projections in public spaces in Maastricht and Heerlen, Stichting  Viewmaster
           - Scenarios about Europe – Scenario 3, Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig
           - „Smashed“, Lobe Gallery, Berlin
           - Instants Video Festival - Marseille
           - „Tu smo“, Museum of Contemporary Art Istria, Pula
           - „Upali svjetlo – mrak je“, MKC, Split
2011    - T-HT@MSU, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb
           - „Plexus“, gallery Galženica, Zagreb
           - Accrochage, gallery Traversée, München
2010    - Media Facades Festival, Berlin, Brussels, Helsinki, Liverpool, Madrid
           - T-HT@MSU, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb
2009    - Video “Party” at the façade during the opening of the new Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb
          - Periodic Table, gallery Traversée, Munich
          - „Polis“, old printing plant, Pula
          - „Looking at others“, Art Pavilion, Zagreb
2008    - Media Facades Festival, Berlin
          - International Philosophy Film Festival, Krakow, Poland
          - “U drugom filmu”, Motovun
          - “Otočka Karta”, Galerija Klovićevi Dvori, Zagreb
          - 17. Croatian Film Days, Zagreb
          - “Fragil ”, Espai Ubu, Loop, Barcelona
2007    - HT@MSU, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb
          - Urban Screen, CASZuidas, Amsterdam
          - Festival der Regionen, Kirchdorf a.d. Krems
          - Athens Video Art festival, Athens
2005    - 40 Years of the SC Gallery, Zagreb
          - “Preko 7 mora i 7 gora”, Umjetnički paviljon, Zagreb
          - “Insert”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb
          - “Soireé prospectif cinema, Présentation de vidéos de pays post-Yougoslaves”, Centre Pompidou, Paris
          - “Augnablik”, Brick, Vienna
          - Music Biennial, Zagreb, project “Public” at the Zagreb concert hall
2004    - "Videoformes" video festival, Clermont-Ferrand
          - "Extended Views", Maastricht
          - “Archiv”, VBKÖ, Vienna


2018    Research grant from the Ministry of Culture, Republic of Croatia
2017    Villa Kamogawa residency, Goethe Institute Kyoto
2016    ArtsLink residency, Vanderbilt University, Nashville
2008    O’ AiR, Milano
2005    Young European Artist, Trieste Contemporanea 2005 Award, Trieste
2004    Artist in Residency, Living Art Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland
2003    "Radoslav Putar" award for young artists by the Institute for Contemporary Art, Zagreb and the Foundation for Culture and Society, New York
1994    ”Arte ad Arta” Prize for young middle European sculptors
1992    Zagreb Bank Prize for the graduate work
1991    Peggy Guggenheim Collection internship. Venice


2008    studied and graduated in Art History at the University of Vienna
1994    a semester as a guest student at the Brera Academy in Milan
1992    studied and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb (sculpture department)
one semester as a guest student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.