Nika Radić

The limited edition with the soundtrack used in hypnotic performances and the soundtrack from the film "We Travel a Lot" on vinyl, as well as a signed photograph and a publication is available here

BERLIN_LOKAL_ZEIT is on view at the CLB in Berlin until the end of January. Although the exhibition space is closed, the show is visible from the outside and a rich program is available online and in person by taking local walks. Check out the websites above for more information.

The Hypnotic Radio show at Cashmere Radio in Berlin happening monthly and available in the archive if you miss it.

"The Future Behind You", an event between a concert, art installation, cinema and a party is supposed to take place in Ausland, Berlin in autumn... let's hope for the best


TheSonntag Book featuring the work Private View is available at The Green Box

The book "Responsive Public Spaces" has just been published by the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences featuring the work Office Cleaning. The free download of the English version is available here.


Check out for other events or leave an e-mail to be posted.

Nika Radić has often moved between different contexts. She has lived in several countries and worked both practically and theoretically with visual arts. Her personal experience led to her professional interest in communication that she pursued through a wide range of media.
Her most recent work is the result of research into how other disciplines address the challenges of communication. She is currently working on a series that uses Milton Erickson’s hypnotic practice as its starting point. The mid-20th century psychiatrist’s methods can be directly applied to how an artwork functions as a medium. Nika Radić uses hypnosis as part of performances and videos and she is exploring the suggestive methods that are employed by art and media, both visually and verbally.

Film of Your Dreams, video, 17:18


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